Days of Japanese Culture in Slaný have been in April 1.—20. 2002

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The history of the relationship between the Japanese empire and the Royal town of Slaný started in the year when the second millennium of Christian calendar entered slowly the third millennium. The first envoys (from the concern Mitsubishi) settled in a new industrial area in the north of the town. In a short, a year later another project of investment arose here. At that moment when it was presented to the public at the press conference, a prominent guest, the Japanese Ambassador Mr. Hiroto Ishida made a memorable statement: “I hope the relationship between Czech and Japanese people will not only be connected with the business cooperation but it will also be followed by cultural activities.” We have taken the words very seriously and we have decided to organize the Days of Japanese Culture in Slaný.

Traditional Japanese culture is extremely interesting and a source of wisdom. The sense of detail, sense of color, thought and nature harmony and the ability of maximum mind concentration are simply fascinating. These values kept and developed during centuries in which the roots of every nation go back, became apparent on the background of the incredible success of modern Japan. No nation in the world has managed to do more during past one hundred years. The metamorphosis of one of the most closed and secluded societies in a rich democratic country using top technologies has no analogy. Japanese history is breathtaking.

I hope the Days of Japanese Culture in Slaný will be successful. I believe they will become a source of knowledge and inspiration for all age groups of inhabitants in our town and its visitors. Alltogether, we can understand each other only through the ability of perceiving, understanding or at least tolerating differences and other habits of nations. Let us open our eyes, hearts and minds.

Ivo Rubík, Mayor of the Royal town of Slaný


We celebrate the event of the Days of Japanese culture in Slany heartily. There is no doubt that Slaný city and our companies will continue the good relationships also in the years to come. It is our pleasure to contribute to the development of Slaný city now as well as in the future. We would like to thank all for the opportunity to broaden the awareness of the Japanese culturein the region of Slaný.

Masazumi Kawachi, President of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Czech, s. r. o.
Yasuhiro Nakanishi, President of Electric Powersteering Components Europe, s. r. o.

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