Days of Japanese Culture in Slaný have been in April 1.—20. 2002

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Town Theatre in Slaný
Wilsonova 575, 274 01 Slaný, phone 312 522 455

3rd April Wednesday at 19.30 o’clock
Japanese martial arts — what they were and what they are


  • Sumo — formerly fights of strongmen as a part of religious rituals, at present the Japanese national sport with its roots deep in history. Sumo Team PSK OLYMP
  • Test of a Sword — traditional way of the Japanese sword quality verifying
  • Ju-Jutsu — one of the oldest martial arts of Japan which is the base of the well-known judo used in the training of military and police units until today. International School of Martial Arts Velvary, Nebušice
  • Karate-Do — “The Way of an Empty Fist”, one of the most widespread martial arts using mainly hitting and kicking. TJ Sokol Slaný, Kobra Kladno
  • Kendo — “The Way of the Sword”, Japanese fencing, a fighting art having its source in the training of Samurais and until today preserving many traditional elements of the training. TJ Slavoj Suchdol
  • Judo — “Gentle Way”, not only an Olympic sport, martial art using mainly knocking down and throwing, but also a lifestyle. Judo klub Slaný
  • Shakuhachi — Suizen, “Blowing Zen”, spirituality as music and music as spiritual experience. Bamboo flute as a musical instrument but also as an instrument of meditation
  • Aikido — the way of physical and spiritual strenght harmony, one of the youngest martial arts. Free translation could be “To Hold the Other One’s Hand and Lead Him Along the Way”. AC Kralupy nad Vltavou
  • Iaido — “The Way of Drawing-the-Sword-Art”, the sword serves here for fighting with our own emotions to achieve internal piece and make right decisions. TJ ČZU Kenyukan Praha
  • Vlastislav Matoušek, musical accompaniment with a shakuhachi

Programme speaker: Standa Berkovec. Programme arranged byl Vladimír Hotovec, Sport Section of Czech-Japanese Association.

14th April Sunday at 15 o’clock
Journey to the God of the Mountains

Theatre performance for children based on Japanese fairy tales performed by theatre company Young Theatre from Ústí nad Labem. Written by Kristina Herzinová, directed by Pavel Trdla

Admission to both performances is 20 CZK. Tickets are available from 20th March in the advance booking office of the Town Cinema in Slaný: Mondays—Fridays from 15 to 20 o’clock, Saturdays and Sundays from 16 to 20 o’clock or at the Town Theatre an hour before starting the performance.

VLASTISLAV MATOUŠEK (1948, CZ) He studied Composition and post-gradual courses in Musical Theory at the Academy of Performing Arts, the Faculty of Music in Prague where he has been teaching ethnomusicology since 1991, since 1998 he has been teaching also at Institute of Musicology of Charles University in Prague. Six months as a fellow of Japan Foundation he studied shakuhachi playing at Kifu Mitsuhashi and Japanese Traditional Music at Prof. Osamu Yamaguti of University of Letters in Osaka in Japan (1996). In his ethnomusicological research he focuses on extra-european cultures, exotic and folk musical instruments, rhythm and kinetics. He is the author of eccentric compositions, often with the participation of exotic instruments and electronics. As a concert performer he plays shakuhachi honkyoku and presents his compositions for exotic and folk instruments from his own extensive collection. With his band Schola Specialis he plays medieval and traditional Czech folk music on the historical Czech “moldánky” bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and other folk instruments.

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